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The second class in our three class carbine course. This is the class where your heart rate and shooting accuracy collide! Anyone can be a good shot shooting from a static position on a calm day in a nice, comfortable temperature with a normal heart rate and no stress. However, that is not the way combat is! We start you off with some basic move to target drills to warm up. Then we move on to proper use of cover drills. We will have barricades to use as cover and demonstrate the proper way to utilize cover while maintaining fire superiority and increasing accuracy. After that you will be taught different shooting positions like urban prone and others. Once we have warmed you up, have you using cover properly and using different positions, then you are ready to advance to partner drills. You will start with a simple drill with a partner moving from barricade to barricade. Here you will learn proper communicating with you partner as you shoot and move. One person moves while one person lays down covering fire. Easier to hit your targets since you are shooting from a static position. The next drill is harder. Now you are moving from barricade to barricade and shooting WHILE you move. You will see the decreased accuracy and will be amazed at how good a shot you really aren’t. It’s an eye opener. Having proved that point, we will conduct additional moving while shooting drills for you and help you increase your accuracy on the move. By the end of class two you are ready to work in a 2 man team on the move effectively. In class one we have you doing only one element, the element of shooting. By the end of class two we have introduced you to two more elements, moving and communicating with a partner. In class three we introduce team movement, team leader drills, dead check and more stress as well as more drills designed to further move you out of that comfort zone.

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