Defensive Pistol Course

Defensive Pistol Course


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This course is designed for the pistol shooter new to the tactical world of shooting. We start you off on step by step drawing from the holster then work on your speed. Next we will cover magazine change drills and malfunction drills. This gives you a base foundation to work off of once we go live fire. You will start your live fire with single, hammered pairs and 3 round shot drills. You are taught from the beginning how to develop your situational awareness which you will use in your everyday activities. From there we start you on movement drills. Your first drill will be a simple side step drill which teaches you to engage your threat while getting off of his line of attack. From there we move to Move to Target drills. You will learn how to move steady while staying on target. At this point you should be more comfortable shooting and moving and doing magazine changes on the move. Next we go over the proper way to use barricades (simulating walls, windows, etc) and different shooting positions in conjunction with barricades. We teach you how to minimize your exposure while returning fire. You will then run drills using what you were taught. From here we move on to working with partners. In addition to the element of shooting and the element of moving we now add the element of communicating under fire. You will work on various partnered movement drills while learning how to communicate with your partner. Next we move on to multiple threat drills. You will engage 2 threats instead of 1. Learn how to even the playing field while outnumbered. Once all this has been covered we will then do a final competition for score to see who earns the bragging rights of the class.

REQUIREMENTS: Handgun and holster (shoulder holster acceptable), 500 rounds of ammo, minimum 2 spare magazines and holder, eye/ear protection


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