Handgun CQB

Handgun CQB




If it is true that most self defense shootings happen at night, then it is also true that most shootings occur at 7 yards or closer. This course will teach you how to deploy and use your handgun at different ranges from 7 yards to extremely close CQB. You will learn how to shoot from retention, make space utilizing natural weapons in order to quickly and effectively use your handgun against a deadly threat. Just because you train on the range with arms extended with both hands on the handgun doesn’t mean you will be able to in a real life situation. Maybe your attacker is within arms reach. Maybe your attacker already has his hands on you. Maybe one of your arms is already occupied fending off his attack . Can you effectively draw that handgun at that moment to protect yourself and stop the threat? How do you know you can if you never trained in it? We cover multiple techniques to make it possible for you to effectively get that distance or space needed to be able to bring your handgun to bear and neutralize the threat. This is a drill heavy class that is sure to be an eye opener.