Injured Gunfighter (1 day)

Injured Gunfighter (1 day)


Learn how to effectively shoot, conduct magazine changes and clear malfunction drills one handed in this class. You will learn these skills from both your strong and weak hand by simulating an injury and only being able to use one arm.


Could you still effectively remain in the fight if you were injured and only had one arm operable? Could you conduct your mag changes with one hand in a timely manner to give yourself a fighting chance? Most people never practice these skills. In our injured gunfighter class you will master them!

In this course you will learn:

  • Operate your handgun one handed from both left and right
  • Achieve one handed marksmanship
  • Handle single/ multiple threats
  • Draw offhand
  • One handed reloads
  • One handed malfunction clearing
  • One handed shooting platforms
  • Recovering from different positions