Everything revolves around the ability to communicate clearly, effectively and in a timely fashion. Our radio comms courses give you the working knowledge of not only how basic two way radios function and work, but best practices from radio terminology and protocol, to field application in various environments. Heck, you might even learn a thing or two about the science behind it all!


BEGINNER                    75.00                       6 Hours                 


Our comms course is very basic – we give you what you need to know, and show you how to do it. You would be surprised at how trivial it really is, and how the little things make all the difference. With that, we have the ability to tailor this course to suit your specific comms needs. We can do this by incorporating your specific operating procedures, terminology, and most importantly the specific radios you and your team use. This ensures your team is up to speed on what they will be using and how you need it used. That’s a skill that will save lives, cut time down and reduce the “fog of war”, even in business.

Unless your organization has requested specific lessons regarding the type of radios and system in place, only note taking materials are required.

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