Defensive Carbine 2 & 3

July 22, 2017
2 Days


Pete Lanteri
Lead Firearms Instructor


Flagstaff, AZ   View map


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The second and third classes in our three class carbine course. This is a two day class. The first day we start you on unorthodox shooting positions such as urban prone and many others. From there we will go over the proper way to shoot from cover while minimizing your exposure to the threat as little as possible, angles, etc. Next we start you on partnered movement from cover to cover with dry runs then live fire exercises. Covering fire is maintained as you move to the next position of cover. Then you cover your partner, etc. Next is our 4-1-3-2 drill. This has you and your partner shooting on the move and NOT shooting from cover. Here you will see the major difference in results compared to when you were shooting from a stationary position. The rest of day one is shooting while moving so you acquire the skills of not only hitting your target while moving but also conducting a quick mag change and malfunction clears on the move. Day two starts with a shooting on the move drill as a warm up. From there we move on to our close cover drill. Trust in your partner is key on this drill. Working as a team and not two individuals is paramount. Slicing the pie drill will be covered next to get you experience in dealing with windows, doorways, openings in walls, etc. Now we are starting to get to more aggressive drills. Aggressiveness wins the day. Next we move on to team drills. Here we are getting you experience running and gunning as a team leader. Here situational awareness and command and control is key. You have to know where your team is at all times and be able to control them during the engagement through hand signals and comms. By the end of this course you have developed your tactical carbine foundation and are now ready for our more advanced carbine courses.

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